25 Oct 2023

Living Alone

A random blog where I’m blabbering

I recently moved to Bangalore, it’s called the IT/Technical Hub of India. Well, I moved here for my Internship at FOSS United. Thanks a lot to my managers they invited me to come and work from office. And for me this is kind of a very difference.

Before this I have never lived alone for more than 7 days, this is the first ever time when I’ll be leaving alone, 650 km away from my parents in a very new and busy city. I haven’t actually fell in love with this city, well that’s obvious because I haven’t I haven’t explored it much, I have only seen the negatives till now. I hope someone helps me explore Bengaluru.

There have been moments, when I totally feel hatred and wanted to go back, but on the contrary there are moments when I’m enjoying with my colleagues, having fun learning different things. Whenever I take a moment away from the computer, I am blank and I have very weird questions in my mind.

But nvm Everything happens for good!