20 May 2023

Surely you're Joking Mr.Feynman

Book Review - Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feynman

So, those of you who like reading, physics and crazy brains. You might have come across a famous, physicist and he is called ~Dick Feynman~ Richard Feynman. He was a physicist, a curious, a natural problem solver. This blog is all about one of his biographical books named “Surely You’re Joking Mr. Richard”.

How I came across the book?

I am a curious guy and I came across Richard Feynman through one of my friends Github Readme. And then I googled up stuff for him and felt pretty interesting about him. After a while, I came across this book. The book cover covered pulled me like a magnet. So on, I started saving money to get that book. And, then there came an opportunity walking towards me and that opportunity was “Writing my Sister assignments “. I signed a deal with her for 400rs (the book costed 350rs). And yeah, the deal was signed and both the businessman returned back to offices with their secretaries. It was no time to wait, I completed the assignments and ordered the book.

What is the book all about ?

The book is all about Richard Feynman’s adventures in his life. It starts from his first experiement of tinkering with Radio they had in their house and announcing his friends Birthday on the radio. And, continuing it all till the end. Ngl, due to college I took a lot of time to complete this book, with a lot of inconsistencies. But it was surely very fun. So, as said Richard Feynman was a very curious guy, he was very active guy. He performed various science experiements in his basement (like all cool kids do). Reading this book, gave me a discrete sense of curiosity to me. Like feeling curious about very weird stuff and also thinking constantly on a single topic. The book is full of crazy stuff he did like playing safe’s, getting his one dollar back from officers, Playing with Biological stuff, joining a music band in Brazil, Staying in Japan, Getting into art, Portraying Nude womens, Trying to trick people with speaking various languages, and teaching students ofc.

Favourite Chapters

Speaking of some of my Favourite Chapters

  • Part 2: ‘Surely You’re Joking Mr.Feynman’
  • A Map of the Cat
  • Monster Minds
  • Part 3: ‘Fizzled Fuses’
  • Safecracker meets Safecracker - recommended
  • I want My One Dollar - funniest
  • Lucky Numbers
  • Thirteen Times
  • But is it Art


The book is for curious folks, who have a certain hunger for curiosity. It’s like “By the Curios, For the Curious, From the Curious”.

One thing, I learn’t from the book is “not beign Narrow Minded”. From the 2nd paragraph in this blog you might have had an idea, that Feynman wasn’t only a physicists. He tinkered a lot with Math, Biology, Music, Art and so on. He used to earn very well, it wasn’t like he was less on money so he did all these things. But, it was all his curiosity and the happiness he got from trying out various things. This is what I refer to as not beign Narrow Minded.

Folks might brag about they being perfect in one single field, and call someone with various hobbies as “Jack of all, Master of none”. But, “You cannot Master anything to the fullest” is the contradictory quote for them. Humans are one of the complex creatures, and should try getting into different things. I’d say being Narrow Mindedness is the worst mistake on would ever do. The world is full of mysteries, and fun stuff. Which will arouse your curiosity.

“Hey you Hooman, try removing your Horse Eye Blinders someday!”